Module 1: Health & Safety

A warm welcome to you! We believe it is really great that you are now starting to professionalize your outdoor skills together with us. Combine your own unique outdoor experiences with the Outdoor Trainer course knowledge and “re-invent” yourself as Outdoor Trainer! Let’s rediscover and enjoy nature together! “Avuxeni”

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Module 1.0 – Welcome

Module 1.1 – Introduction

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Module 1.2 – Outdoor Trainer Diary

Module 1.3 – Reflection Skills

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Module 1.4 – Preparation of Safety

Module 1.5 – Weather made easy

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Module 1.6 – Risk Control

Module 1.7 – Material Preparation

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Module 1.8 – Outdoor Communication

Module 1.9 – Safety Talk

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Module 1.10 – First Aid

Module 1.11 – Attachment: Insurance declaration

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Picture sources

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